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Online Virtual Conference

The CPES & PEC Conference for the first time will be held online!
The conference will consist of 5 days of content with frequent Individual Discussions following morning and afternoon sessions where attendees can speak directly with most keynote speakers and presenters. These Individual Discussion sessions will be repeated to enable attendees around the world to interact LIVE with most presenters. To see the schedule and topics in a user-friendly format please visit the Schedule page.

Registration & Conference Participation

Need to register for the conference? Click Here to go to the registration page
If you are registered and you have a Whova (Event Management Software) profile Click Here to go to the 2020 CPES & PEC Conference
If you are registered and you do not have a Whova (Event Management Software) profile Click Here to Sign Up for the 2020 CPES & PEC Conference

Whova (Event Management Software)

We are using an event management software called Whova to host the 2020 CPES & PEC Conferences.
Here, we provide descriptions and quick links to Whova access and functionality.
Sessions will be held using Zoom within Whova and we provide guidance to that as well.
If you have any trouble accessing Whova, please email conference IT support ( or Matthew Scanland (, CPES IT guru.

Whova Mobile Application

You may have received an automated email from Whova with instructions to download the mobile app. If not, you can also find the Whova app by opening up the Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile device, and search for 'Whova'.
Whova provides a how-to-guide website for the mobile app at this link, and a tutorial video at this link You can also download a PDF of the Whova Event Mobile App User Tutorial at this link

Whova Web Application

To access the 2020 CPES & PEC Conferences events on Whova from your computer, click this link for the web application.
Please note that some participants have experienced difficulty connecting to Whova through the Firefox web browser.
The link will open the page displayed in Figure 1.

How to Sign In to Whova

From either the web or mobile app, you will be prompted to login to Whova.
If you have an existing Whova account, enter the email address and password you used to create the account and select “Sign in” (Figure 2a).
If you do NOT have a Whova account, select “Sign up here” (Figure 2b). Then, complete the information requested using the email you used to register for the 2020 CPES & PEC Conferences and select “Sign up” (Figure 2c).

2020 CPES & PEC Conference Event Main Page

Successful login to Whova will bring you to the 2020 CPES & PEC Conferences event main page (Figure 3) where you can find the full conference Agenda (Figure 3a), a searchable list of all Attendees (Figure 3b), and conference news announcements posted in Messages (Figure 3c).


Selecting the “Agenda” tab on the 2020 CPES & PEC Conferences event main page brings you to the screen in Figure 4.

You can search an individual session by keywords, including a session title or speaker name (Figure 4a).

Whova lists all the sessions on each event day. Select the day in which you are interested (Figure 4b).

You can add the session into your own personal agenda. All the sessions you saved are in My Agenda (Figure 4c).

Select “View Session” to see details like abstract, speaker profiles, etc., and to watch the presentation (Figure 4d).

Participating In Sessions

Selecting “View Session” from the Agenda screen brings you into the session (Figure 5).

To ask questions in the session, select the “Ask a question” button (Figure 5a).

All questions for the session will be listed (Figure 5b). You can vote on the questions you’d most like to see answered. You can also see the questions for the session by selecting the “Session Q&A” tab on the main menu.

When the session starts, the window will connect you to the presentation through Zoom (Figure 5c).

Zoom Within Whova

The Zoom window within Whova (Figure 5c) should open automatically after you select “View Session” (Figure 4d).
Some participants have noted difficulties joining Zoom within Whova through the Firefox web browser.
Zoom within Whova will provide you with the option to use your computer audio or call in by phone (Figure 6). If you wish to call in by phone, Zoom offers toll-free phone numbers for many countries. If you experience lack of audio after joining Zoom within Whova, back out of the session and try again.

To ensure the highest audio quality, all attendees will be muted during the presentation. To ask questions, please type them in “Session Q&A (Figure 5a).
The Zoom window allows a full screen option. To view and engage the “Session Q&A”, you must exit full screen mode.

Your Profile

Parts of your profile will be filled in using the 2020 CPES & PEC Conferences registration information you provided (Name, Company/Organization, Job Title, and Email Address).
To edit your profile picture, include your education, etc., you must use the mobile app.

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