2019  CPES Annual


Thank you for another wonderful conference

It was our pleasure to have everyone at the 2019 CPES Annual Power Electronics Conference at Virginia Tech, sponsored by the CPES Industry Consortium! On behalf of our faculty, students, and staff, we wish to express our gratitude for your continued support as we create the future electrical power processing and distribution systems.

Our photographers worked hard during the conference to capture the best pictures and memories. Our team has compiled these into albums for easy access! Please take a look at our Photo Albums to see these wonderful moments.

Our amazing students and faculty have put together presentations, papers, posters, and nuggets for our members to view at any time. The links below will take you directly to these documents. If you wish to learn more about CPES and our research, members also have access to our internal Publications Library.

Thank you again for your presence and participation. We look forward to seeing you again!

Future Conference Dates

CPES Research Retreat Participants

We hope you enjoyed our 2019 conference! Throughout the years the CPES Annual Conference has been a favorite of our members. CPES strives to provide everyone the ability to attend our annual conference. In doing this we would like to provide you with the dates to our future conferences. Mark your calendars for April, our favorite time of the year!

CPES Annual Conference Dates

2020: April 5-8

2021: April 18-21

2022: April 10-13

2023: April 2-5

2024: April 7-10

Conference Presentation Awards

CPES has the pleasure of giving out awards to our best presentations and papers throughout the conference. Thanks to everyone that submitted ballots we were able to select six of our fantastic students. Through hard work and dedication to their research these students were able to go above and beyond in their fields. With the help of our research facilities every student at CPES has the ability to excel at reaching their goals.

Five of these students were sponsored by our multi-Mini-Consortium members and one by CPES.

CPES Presentation Award Winners

Mohamed Ahmed

Sponsered By: Huawei

Best Oral Paper Presentation

Le Wang

Sponsered By: Delta
Best Oral Paper Presentation

Joseph Kozak

Sponsered By: Texas Instruments
Best Dialogue Paper Presentation

Zheqing Li

Sponsered By: Lockheed Martin
Best Dialogue Paper Presentation

Ye Tang

Sponsered By: General Electric
Best Dialogue Paper Presentation

Emma Raszmann

Sponsered By: CPES
Best Dialogue Paper Presentation